Bonjour, I’m Casey.
I’m a Designer / Art Director
in Brisbane.

Beautiful work doesn’t just happen, boring does.

I don’t like to refer to myself as a ‘designer of things’ because I see myself as more of a generalized thought provoker, asking the why’s and what if’s over and over until I’ve somehow managed to relate an astronaut eating Tim Tam’s in space wearing nothing but a pair of slim fit dick togs and over sized goggles to a life insurance brief.

If #pushingitfurther is the type of creative thinking you want around…

Let’s grab Coffee!

Quick Facts

+ AWARD School, 2018.
+ 6 Months Travelling Europe, 2017.
+ Graphic Design Diploma, 2010.
+ Perfect Game in Tenpin Bowling, 2007.
+ Failed Art Class, 2007.
+ AU/EU Dual Citizen.

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Find me on LinkedIn or we could connect in the real world. Yeah! Old School. Either way, say hello.

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